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.m . winds will be gusting so rapid fire growth is expected if fires do start. oakland airport is 70 degrees this afternoon. hard tho believe this is january. 68 san jose. 62 degrees in antioch. mild day across the bay area. clear tonight tomorrow morning gusty so watch out. mild to warm those temperatures will be rising mid-60s to mid-70s. i'll be back with a look at how long warmth is going to last. >> thank you very much. >> this map shows where it's confirmed by officials in the bay area and santa cruz county. 15 to date. officials are reporting one more flu-related death this, morning santa clara reported two people in their 06s became the third and fourth victims there. and bay area universities are especially worried because of the communal nature of college living. >> i know it becomes a live in residents home, together. you've got crowded settings they may not be practicing measures like hand washing. doctors say the h1n1 chain is challenging and striking young adults and children particularly hard. >> usda confirmed a north bay slaughter house is recalling various meat products. th
the temperatures already outside. many spots moving up into the 60s right now. the warm spot in oakland at 66 degrees. 61 in san jose. 61degrees in redwood city right now. looks like we're going to see very nice weather as we head throughout the afternoon, with some of the temperatures getting near record levels. i think tomorrow, we've got to wait for that to happen. tomorrow, breezy red flag warnings. then sunny skies ahead, with possible record breaking temperatures. high pressure building in overhead, sending the storms well to our north now. that's the way it's going to stay, not only this week, but i think through next week. if that happens, we'll have a record dry january. unfortunately, no storms lining up right now. 65degrees in the sacramento valley. about 69 degrees, mostly sunny skies in monterey bay. about 50 degrees in lake tahoe. those winds are going to be whipping, but especially over the mountain tops. down in the valleys, not so much. but you'll start to see yellows, oranges, even reds in the mountains. a red flag warning going up in the north and east bay hills, including
of the wind. we have 57 in fairfield. 60 in napa. 66 in oakland. 64 san francisco. 66 in half moon bay. may get near a record today but it's into the next day or two as we get into tuesday, perhaps wednesday. that's when we will see some of our warmest temperatures we're likely to break some records due to the warmth. there is a red flag warning that will move into place, lasting for tomorrowern mooing for the hills above 1,000 feet into the east bay hills down into the diablo range. so we're very dry. we already know this. and with those dry, gusty conditions, the national weather service has decided on a red flag warning that will start tonight. for today, a little breezy in the hills. sunny weather and temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. 70 for santa rosa. 68 in san rafael. 68 concord. 68 antioch. around the bray, it will be a -- bay, it will be a mild one. 69 in oakland. 66 in san francisco. the oakland airport may tie a record, may break a record today because upper 60s is where the standing record remains. 60 in san jose for the afternoon. low 70s in santa cruz and gilro
:11 this morning. piedmont, 43. -- liver mortgage gusted to 34 degrees. winds right now, gusting around 43. oakland hills running around 25. the gusts will be out there for the better part of today and tonight. they're dry, they're coming in from the northeast, so the fire weather watch has been upgraded to a red flag warning. high fire conditions will be present during that time. back to you. >> all right, mike. >>> for the second time in less than a week, foster farms has suspended operations because of cockroaches. the company closed the plant yesterday. it was first shut down last wednesday after a cockroach infestation raised concerns about food safety. production is being temporarily shifted to other central valley plants. >>> sources close to the investigations into the data breaches at target and knee man marcus say the three stores are associated with others -- with outlet malls. the sources say the technique used were similar sto other breaches. the stores, though, have yet to be named. >> the christmas holiday shopping numbers are in. one in four americans spent less than expected. only
me is the question. i want you to notice oakland, 65 degrees. it's not even lunchtime just yet. we're at 61 degrees in mountain view. 58 degrees in san jose. unbelievable to have these kind of levels this late into winter. big waves out there. temperatures at about 65 degrees at 1:00 p.m. 67 in the warmth of the day. i had to bump some of these numbers up because we're warming up so quickly out there. in san francisco today, 71 degrees in the north bay and 70 degrees in the south bay. so when you guys walk out that front door, you'll notice just how warm it is out there. this is only the beginning. seven-day forecast right at the bottom of that screen tells me where we're headed later on this week. why the warm-up? high pressure is certainly in control. we're getting the winds. we get that friction and it warms us up. it's going to be one of those days, ten to 15 above average. same for your tuesday. wednesday, the beautiful beach weather continues. peak warmth, up to 80 degrees in santa cruz. right now i'm looking at saturday, late saturday into sunday. only about a 10% opportunit
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competitive and rely on each other's strengthen. we recognize the strength of oakland but the port of osaka and port bay have worked together. la half has different issues perhaps than we do we are trying to get them to host a convention in paris but the next one will be in same thing hi, it's san francisco's sister city. commissioner adams has spent some time at the port of same thing hi. we presented i think one of the things we were interested in obviously was our break but also the various activities along our port and the on hills of the america's cup but they're interested in seeing the activities along our port and our revenue stream has been fairing with the different activity. osaka has had some activities along their port one day they took us to an astounding aquarium a they've built the fourth of fifth largest in the world. it was wonderful it was based on the ring of fire approach so it madam clerk, please read all the sister ports. following our time in osaka we went back to 80 could we met with some representatives from sagging sag gay we met with representatives from the amer
:28. temperatures are still cool enough for a jacket, unless you're in oakland. look at that 59 degrees. yes, we are in january headed towards very warm levels for this time of year. 63 degrees in san francisco. 68 in the south bay. and temperatures are going to keep on climbing as we head deeper into the week. your seven-day shows you that trend. i want to show you the extreme. that, of course, is santa cruz. this is where we're headed, up to 80 degrees by wednesday. you don't want to turn your back to the ocean. watch out for rip kurpts. as we head throughout friday and saturday, much cooler conditions. maybe etch a shower in the forecast on saturday. a little bit of something for everybody, but highly, highly unusual. >> this is a tough drive. we'll start in the south bay. highway 17 north. look at the middle of your screen, it's jammed from campbell all the way up toward 880 and 101. there are reports of a closing in the roadway. someone sent me a tweet saying it looks like christmas decoration. now fremont is a slow drive as well. slow past the coliseum. ♪ >>> welcome to "today" on this m
this morning. by the afternoon 68 in oakland. 67 degrees in redwood city. next couple days, some 70s likely to make returns. could see record heat through the middle of the week. cooling down slightly over the weekend. >>> this national weather report sponsored by the makers of tylenol, extra strength. >>> ahead, customers of another major store are being warned of a major data breach. >> the news is back this morning on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news. [ male announcer ] v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from tea packed with real juice from delicious fruits and veggies. it's what you need for that extra boost! oh and did we mention it's only 50 calories? need a lift? could've had a v8. in the juice aisle. i had ongoing pain. an intense ache all over. it was hard to do what mattered. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia... thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain. for some, as early as the first week of tr
conditions. upper 60s in oakland. this 7 day around the bay forecast shows warmth of the next couple of days with seven days. the fire weather watch goes into effect for the north bay. continued heavy as weather and the next couple of days through the clouds return to the sky and sea temperatures drop as we transition into the weekend. new this morning, one of america's best known whiskey makers is being bought by a company in japan. suntory has agreed to buy the maker of jim beam and maker's mark for about 13 billion dollars. the companies put the deal's value at about 16 billion, including debt. suntory already distributes beam's products in japan. the deal needs approval from beam inc. stockholders. a silicon valley multimillionaire who once ran for governor. now wants to raise california's minimum wage to 12-dollars an hour. ron unz says the wage-hike would help low-paid workers get off government aid. his proposal hasn't qualified for the state ballot yet. unz once tried to unseat governor pete wilson. he also backed a ballot proposal in 1998 that stopped most bilingual education progra
. oakland airport had a gust of 25. that equals a warm pattern. 70 in downtown oakland. 50 in oakland. sfo, 54. half moon bay already 55. 32 santa rosa. 38 fairfield. so no breeze, temperature takes a plunge. if you have a breeze, 40s, 50s. everything says sunshine and warm temperatures the only today but tuesday. 60s to near 70. here's tara. >>> all right. we actually have another accident that just happened. we'll get to that in just a minute. first, we'll show you a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see that traffic is picking up a little bit compared to probably around 6:15 when the lights went on. still busy as you make your way into san francisco this morning. up next, this is a look at 101. you can see that definitely we have some problems here. this popped up on the chp website. this is a separate accident from the one that's down here cesar chavez involving three weeks. i'm reading the entries right here. it says that they have three vehicles, an suv verses a toyota verses a truck and two sedans. it looks like four cars here altogether, definitely causing some delays
problem, five to ten minute delay at west oakland due to an equipment problem there. and there's a crash in oakland around 24 right at broadway. announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the movie "lizzie bordon took an ax," christina ricci. and star of the new series "sleepy hollow," tom mison. plus, we'll continue our kickstart the new year series with the diet edition. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan.
this morning, with the north oakland hills at 33 and mountain at h tam at 7 so coming through the altamont pass is the easier places to drive this morning at that elevation. from our roof camera, temperatures are from four to six degrees warmer than yesterday with mid-to-upper 60's as we get another minute and 15 seconds of sun. records are possible tomorrow. reports and poor air possible wednesday and thursday. laying that? >> a new report of an accident in castro valley along 2389 and that could hamper the commute away from dublin. sweep it up and make it safe for the drivers. in san jose, the four car crash is blocking a lane leaving bumper-to-bumper traffic in tully road. from highway 85 to the nimitz is 20 minutes and 87 is better at 15 minutes. the bay bridge toll plaza has metering lights now turned on with heavy backups from the maze. >> thank you, leyla gulen. >> director woody allen's son takes to twitter to knock his father during the golden globes and gets 7,000 re-tweets. >> row duesing -- reducing between births because of a reality show. >> the newest bachelor is heating up the s
else, plan on 67 in livermore, 68 in oakland and 67 in redwood city, things we look forward to, some records could fall then and then we cool things down but no rain over the weekend. sunrise 7:24, sunset at 5:13. >> thank you lawrence. >> thank you, lawrence. 6:17 now, southwest airlines is under investigation after an airplane actually landed at the wrong airport last night. it landed there. all passengers landed safely at that runway, which is much shorter, according to officials they were supposed to land 7 miles away. >> yeah, honestly i kind of thought the landing was a little bumpy and we were kind of pushed forward so we kind of hit other heads on the seat in front of us, but other than that i was kind of surprised when they came on the intercom and said, oh we are at the wrong -- not station but airport so i think it was kind of a shock to everybody. >> the faa investigating how they ended up at the wrong airport. >>> today a ceremony for former prime mention center ariel sharon, he died after spending eight years in a coma following a massive struck, hundreds of people are
of us will keep above the freezing mark. when the speeds and now up to 60 mi. per hour in oakland. 7 for those of you and half moon bay. the winds will start to die down as we head into the afternoon. speaking of the afternoon plenty of 60s by lunchtime we will see mid to upper 60s this afternoon are most of the bay area. by it o'clock tonight very mild weather sticks with most of us. eric and out near afternoon highs for today, getting pretty close to 70 in oakland fairfield in santa rosa. 66 year high today and san francisco and 65 in fremont 37 day around the bay forecast of a string of sunshine and yes warmer weather with tuesday through thursday. if a fire weather watch goes into effect in the north bay to wet conditions and dry weather. we are looking at the possibility of a fire threat. looks like we will see what a cool down. more in the way of cloud cover and temperatures mainly in the mid-60s to reach the time now is 617. here is george. >>george: the bay bridge back up is a back. a week or two weeks after the holiday weeks we've enjoyed it. it was expected that we would se
>>> good morning. we are live in west oakland where a bart union vote is scheduled to take place a couple hours from now. what it means for bart riders and other hearing that could end future bart strikes all together. >>> residents still nervous this morning. what they are doing to help catch a suspected arsonist. >>> and 49er fans excited about moving forward in the playoffs but not about what the sea hawks are doing to keep them from watching the game in person. ktvu morning news continues. >>> thank you for joining us. monday morning january 13th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve knows all object our forecast. good morning. >> i hope so. [ laughter ] aye been lookings at it. it looks pretty quiet. it looks very mild to warm. we are starting with an offshore breeze. that will take us through tonight and even tomorrow and possibility of record highs. there could be a few today. kentfield and st. helena definitely flirting. north to east breeze and that means windy conditions. higher elevations mainly taking the brunt of it. that wi
miles per hour but nearing nine in oakland and eight at half moon bay and san carlos and seven in livermore and san jose and sfo and eight in concord. that is keeping temperatures all over the scales. mild when you step outside and that will spring board to mid-to-upper 60's and a 70 in clover detail and the warmth so to the coast mostly starting tomorrow. but low 60's are possible, and you are not that far behind. we will talk about record highs and poor air quality in the seven-day forecast, first, though, is leyla. >> gumming up the commute is some con discretion over the altamont pass from tracy boulevard to livermore, we are down to 34 miles per hour if a stretch and when you get into the path it looks like the speed picks up but you are still look slower than we were ten minutes ago. headed westbound from four to the maze on i-80, 16 minutes and when you grab the bay bridge and head to san francisco that is eight minutes. and 101 southbound a flight to catch is 11 minute drive to head from san francisco. outside, here is a look from the emeryville camera to the bay bridge
around the bay area gorgeous, 66 oakland, 66 san francisco and bought 67 in redwood city. now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you lawrence. it has been pretty quiet out there, we have had a few accidents, in fact one accident there is already cleared. but first let's update you on this. there is a problem there on the span, a stalled truck there. they should be picking up the road work there. there had been an accident and there is a live look at the nimitz, no delay there and so far a good start there. >> all right. the big win there put them in the nfc title game for the third year in a row. mark has ticket information for the game there, but first we go out to kate where the fans gave them a big homecoming welcome there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we heard from some san francisco faithful they would be back again trying to sneak some autographs from them. and these were the same fans that were there greeting their home town heroes. [ cheers ] >> now before the bus pulled in the fans were waiting and the excitement as you heard was high. now some waited a lo
. >> looking for teammates to come play ball. meet me in the gym. >> yeah. steph curry be visiting oakland's recreation center this morning. he will be encouraging 200 elementary students to stay active, eat healthy crease. students will be out there practicing basketball skills and learns how to eat healthy snacks. >>> 5:26. taking action to protect their neighborhood. what some people in san jose are doing after a serial arsonist hits their neighborhood. >>> the 49ers are headed up to the nfc title game but fans that want to watch the team in person in seattle could find it tough to get their hands on a ticket. we'll tell you about the rules being put in place by the sea hawks. >>> 101 through san francisco is looking good at this hour. we have no traffic question delays to report. we'll show you some of your bay area roadways next. >>> calendar says january but it may feel like april here as temperatures warmup. so warm, record highs possible. the great american novel. so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel ban
as westbound 24 to the caldecott and even oakland for 880 and 580 moves smoothly. a smooth drive through the south. we talked about the yellow, more cars on the road but no big incidents. the san mateo bridge across the bay, a clear view, you can make out the high-rise on the left side. >> it's 5:26. team coverage of the 49ers' quest for six continues. we're live outside the team training facility with a look what's coming up for the red and gold. in depth analysis from carolina. >> and target's ceo speaks out after that massive security breach that affected millions. why he says they waited so long to tell anyone. >>> the hunt is on for a serial arsonist in the south bay who has set as many as 13 fires in less than a week. what neighbors are now doing to protect themselves. >> 49ers back home in the bay area keeping hopes alive for a sixth super bowl title. look at the reception last night. >> that's just the coach. >> we're going to look at what's next for the red and gold in their quest for six. >> we have a good looking forecast for today. good air quality and temperatures are going
to the national championship in late march. they say cheering is a safety net from the tough streets of oakland. >> they are like an anchor. a hook. a hook to pull us out and gives us a chance to be normal teens dealing with the outside drama and violence. >> it will be special for the seniors. it will be special for those on the squad if four years. >> if you want to help the young ladies reach their goal you can checks to the high school in oakland and make sure the envelope says "attention cheerleading squad." >> attention weather department we need rain. mike? >> that would be good. the seven-day forecast shows snow, too, and check it out. that is what we are dealing with in tahoe when we are getting record high temperatures they will be doing more of the same. we will talk about what will happen around here today with 24 hour temperature change that will be around we...six degrees warmer, fur to six degrees warmer, a lost mid-to-upper 60's out there. as far as wall happen across the state, you can see a few clouds are encroaching and that is it, with high pressure, and the sinking air eats
is a 67 degrees in livermore, 68 oakland, 66 in san francisco and 66 in san jose. when might we see rain? will we if see ever see any rain again? the answer coming up. right now traffic with her. >> thanks, it looks like lane changes there. we put up a traffic sensor to show you it is not causing major delays but a heads up it is not supposed to end until 6:00 so for the next hour, hour and a half. well, i thought i had a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, everything looking good there though. and here is a live look at the nimitz, like i said they picked that construction up ahead of schedule. coming up we will get a check of mass transit. back to you guys. >> some new video of a fire that damaged a home there. firefighters had a hard time reaching the home because it is in such a remote area of arinda but once they did arrive they contained the fire in 20 minutes, crews have stayed there to take care of the flare- ups, the people who live there were out of town. >>> some carports were destroyed after a two alarm fire in walnut creek that began before 7:00 last night at the rossmo
4 in antioch is all clear. 880 near the oakland coliseum you can see the traffic is moving nicely here. although my camera is shaking here. that is because there is a little bit of wind out there. finally as we head south this is a look at the san mateo bridge. traffic on the right hand side of your screen there. 4:47. steve, what is up with the wind? >> tara keep talking. >> i'm just going to talk about those niners. if you try top get to the super market after the game it was a nightmare. it was like everybody the flood gates opened. >> okay. i agree with you. i within to two of them and it was packed. >> yeah the lines were horrendous. >>> good morning. boy it was saturday it was nice we had drizzle. [ laughter ] we had a little bit of rain. kind of nice. we were out on my friends sailboat on the bay it almost felt like winter. and now we are back to dry. in fact record heat is possible. very dry forecast. the forecast models have backed off completely on what we thought might happen. remember we talked about how the three and five day models might pick up. red flag warnings ar
to mike. >> good morning. we're looking toward oakland. turn the cameras south up to the coliseum with the headlights, away from the coliseum with the taillights down to san leandro where there was construction and a road closure. we'll show you on the map. the road the nimitz freeway and it's reopened as crews clear from the northbound side and southbound you see slowing, those crews should be moving now as we approach the 5:00 hour. all lanes will be cleared as well. approaching the bay bridge no problems, no delays out of richmond or the caldecott tunnel area. we'll watch for a heavier flow. heavier than last week but nothing dramatic. tuesday we see the big volume. back to you. >> thank you. the hunt is on in the south bay this morning for a serial arsonist that struck at least five times over the weekend. police released this sketch of their person of interest. a white or hispanic man between 25 and 40. she between 6 and 6 feet 2 inches, 160 to 180 pounds. they say he has large frame glasses. police say he has caused 13 suspicious fires near the downtown san jose area in less
to the process he is preparing to reproduce the flying m size of your soul and thirty one cents was oakland's of law. still in it's full on screen off coach john grocers. i am. i did. luton. and mm mm mm mm mm mm. all home. success. yes as it is. move them move. and boom. mm mm mm mm. all home yes. in. the new moon eye you know. and. the eye the eye. apricots. the needy one of ireland's contingent in action this week and is poised to form a government next week. the other main political party the bnp which boycotted the election has nothing to detract in to look or know what a six under for the ticket bought these boots have representation in the tenth parli
in an armed robbery in oakland earlier this week. it happened on tuesday on walker avenue near the grand lake theater. police were able to obtain surveillance footage of the suspect and his vehicle. police say he is described as an african-american man in his 30s, standing about 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighing 170 pounds. they say he has short hair and a silver "grill" in his mouth. he is believed to have been in a truck before the robbery. >> campbell police are looking for a suspected sexual predator on the loose. this is the sketch of a man authorites say attacked a woman just after midnight on thursday. the attack was near sunny oaks avenue and winchester boulevard. police say the victim was grabbed from behind and the suspect began to sexually assault her. the woman was able to burn the man on the face with her cigarette. investigators say the suspect then pulled out a gun to rob the woman but she was able to get away. >> people in west virginia might soon be able to do their dishes, take a shower and brush their teeth. officials say more than a million people have been affected by a c
are expected this this week. we riel start with oakland. we will start with oakland. tomorrow, 67 and check out wednesday and thursday near 70 degrees. it is even warmer in san jose. the average this time of year is 58. check out tuesday, wednesday and thursday mid to low 70s. then we turn things back down as we head into next weekend. north bay temperatures near 70 degrees and east bay antioch 64, 64 for san francisco. half moon bay with the down sloping winds. the beaches will warm up tuesday and wednesday. half moon bay 60, 66 for san jose. the accu-weather seven-day forecast and no rain in sight which we desperately need. it will be warm wednesday and thursday and record highs in the 70s around the bay area. clouds thicken on saturday and sunday and a few drops on the north bay next sunday. >> thank you, leigh. >>> it is time to get a look at our sports. the 49ers and a big win. >> what a day it was. the 49ers are one win away from getting back to the super bowl. colin kaepernick threw only one td pass to vernon davis. we have awful your hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows]
-- park itself over the bay area. record highs are expected this this week. we riel start with oakland. we will start with oakland. tomorrow, 67 and check out wednesday and thursday near 70 degrees. it is even warmer in san jose. the average this time of year is 58. check out tuesday, wednesday and thursday mid to low 70s. then we turn things back down as we head into next weekend. north bay temperatures near 70 degrees and east bay antioch 64, 64 for san francisco. half moon bay with the down sloping winds. the beaches will warm up tuesday and wednesday. half moon bay 60, 66 for san jose. the accu-weather seven-day forecast and no rain in sight which we desperately need. it will be warm wednesday and thursday and record highs in the 70s around the bay area. clouds thicken on saturday and sunday and a few drops on the north bay next sunday. >> thank you, leigh. >>> it is time to get a look at our sports. the 49ers and a big win. >> what a day it was. the 49ers are one win away from getting back to the super bowl. colin kaepernick threw only one td pass to vernon davis. one td pass to verno
. these were the higher terrain areas. the oakland hills around 1,400 feet. 2,200-miles-an-hour. the winds have been picking up in the higher terrain and toward the delta. coming up at 10:35, the winds bringing a change in the temperature matter. when you can expect 70s and our next chance for rain in the forecast coming up. >>> a magnitude 4.5 quake struck the geysers areas just around 14-miles from hill sburg around 10:30. an official from the quake center said the quake was felt about 30-miles from the epicenter. >>> turning red and gold into green. how the 49ers success is going beyond the bay area and giving businesses a boost. >>> a new chapter in the scandal surrounding chris christie. how they plan to go against the how they plan to go against the governor's inner in touch with the ground ♪ ♪ i'm on the hunt, i'm after you ♪ ♪ smell like i sound, i'm lost in a crowd ♪ ♪ and i'm hungry like the wolf ♪ straddle the line, in discord and rhyme ♪ [ female announcer ] only yoplait light and yoplait greek 100 are endorsed by weight watchers. it is so good when you're on the hun
interesting. some spots are in the 40s and 50s. down to 40 where the winds are light in oakland and 46 currently in san jose. so receiight now we're seeing t winds out of the north. and as these winds start to turn offshore that's going to lead to temperatures really starting to claim, about another five to eight degree jump in those temperatures. those numbers really climbing toward the middle part of the week. this high is going to build back across the west coast. the air is going to get squished down, and warmed all the way to the coast. you'll see mid-70s around santa cruz by friday. no rain in the forecast. high temperatures tomorrow should be around the mid-60s around san jose. peninsula should see numbers in the low to mid-60s. san francisco starting to warm up there. lots of sunshine. little gusty in the hills around santa rosa. warmest day for the week probably tuesday and wednesday. you can see that on the seven day forecast. so if you're going to head to the coast, 72 degrees in santa cruz tomorrow, but those numbers will climb to the mid-70s by tuesday and wednesday. if we
structures still slows traffic and seven years later you can still see sights like this in downtown oakland. >> the priority was much greater for north ridge than it was for loma prieta. >> reporter: ken ridge has been a reporter for the times. he says the biggest reason l.a. has recovered quicker than the bay area is politics. >> clinton as president and wilson as governor went all out to deal with the north ridge earthquake from the very moment of its inception. >> reporter: governor wilson was up for reelection that year and president clinton wanted to demonstrate a commitment to voter rich california. >> the governor i think did a good job. >> reporter: duke majon was governor and was not running for reelection. george bush was president and never focused on california the way that the clinton administration did. remember how people complained how slow the government was to respond to katrina. they didn't complain in california. >> six days i got money sent to me. >> fema had a shop open in every corner. it's like they couldn't wait to help. couldn't wait to get the money in people's ha
more impressive on that day in four locations around the state of california, san jose, oakland, san francisco, los angeles that collectively we collected 1500 guns. >> wow. >> to get off of the streets so for the state and our participation it was great and april we're talking about doing the next thing. i don't want to spring on you but the next one in april and continuing these and thank the mayor's office and the everyone and the more guns off the street the better so thank you. >> please call line item 3d. >> commission announcements and items for future commission meeting. >> announcements. >> there is not a regular meeting next wednesday but thursday january 16 at 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. a joint meeting with the board of supervisors public safety committee to discuss pedestrian and bicycle safety and in the board of supervisors' chambers at 5:00 p.m.. and we might want to talk about scheduling the community meeting in one of the stations, either parker or southern station is up for it. >> next is southern or parker. >> i believe it's balboa park station. >> chief, do you have
today at >> covering, novato, oakland and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. it's been a good day on the international space station. the six astronauts receive both food and christmas presents. groceries equipment and ants for experiments were delivered. the capsule was supposed to be delivered last month but was delayed because of the station's cooling problem. [ cheering ] >>> the castlemont cheer leaders practiced this afternoon as they do every day, they qualified for the national finals their trip will cost five,000, and they will need to get their money together to secure their spot in march. >> a couple of cups off coffee can perk you up and give your memory a jolt. in a study of more than 100 people, researches found that one cup a day was found to improve short-term memory. participants were shown several images and were tested, one, three and 24 hours later to see what images they remembered seeing. those that took a caffeine pill did better than those that did not. this study was published in the journal w neuro nature science. >> that was good to know. >> h
more. upper 60s inland valleys, san francisco going into the 60s, upper 60s oakland and some 70s for santa rosa and napa. and a nice week ahead. sunny skies, pretty much all the way through. and look at those high temperatures making it into the low 70s in the warmest spots. there is a weak system that'll brush us late saturday into sunday. grant? >>> a 4.5 earthquake hit sonoma this afternoon at 4:24 p.m. the quake was felt throughout the north bay including napa. the usgs site shows nearly 200 self reports from people who said they felt it. >> coming up, the door comes off and the man was very -- i guess, jealous or possessive about this woman that had a restraining woman that had a restraining regard against him and he ♪ i'm on the hunt, i'm after you ♪ ♪ smell like i sound, i'm lost in a crowd ♪ ♪ and i'm hungry like the wolf ♪ straddle the line, in discord and rhyme ♪ [ female announcer ] only yoplait light and yoplait greek 100 are endorsed by weight watchers. it is so good when you're on the hunt for something delicious. find yoplait original and light yogurt
there in just 60 seconds. ♪ >>> a group of high school cheerleaders from oakland hope folks will help them raise money to compete for a national title. [cheering] >> the castle mont cheerleaders practiced just as they do every day. the squat qualified for the national finals last month. their trip to anaheim will cost them $5,000. they need to get the money together by february 1st in order to secure their spot in march. >>> a great day to get their practice in. no more drizzle. we do need the rain, leigh. >> we certainly do not going to see much in at least the next couple of weeks. so, until then, temperatures will be warming up, almost springlike, with a chance of record highs as we head into this upcoming work week. live doppler 7hd right now showing you clear sky out there. we'll take you in a little bit closer and really all the fog has moved on out. we're getting into a slight offshore wind component, and that's pushing the cloudiness and fog off the coast. check out the highs today. yesterday, we were in the 50s. we warmed up a few today. 59 san francisco, santa rosa, 63. 61, antioch. ni
of that tonight. >> a 7.1 earthquake hit the san francisco oakland area on... >> october 17, 1989. >> stahl: when we first did this story, there were only six people known to have this remarkable memory ability in the world. there are now close to 60, including jake. >> i just have that type of memory that can remember everything. >> stahl: a ten-year-old. what happened in school on january 30, 2013? >> i'm pretty sure... oh, wait. that's a trick question. we didn't have school that day. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm lesley stahl. >> i'm morley safer. >> i'm bob simon. >> i'm scott pelley. those stories tonight on "60 minutes." [ female announcer ] it's a mountain grown morning with folgers lively colombian. it's deliciously dark, just before dawn. it's welcoming the sunrise with a taste of vanilla biscotti. with folgers gourmet selections, you can enjoy a variety of roasts and flavors from one perfectly brewed k-cup or a freshly brewed carafe. ♪ turn any day gourmet with folgers gourmet selections. ♪ you stand behind what you say. there's a saying around here, around here you don't make excuses
today at >>> a group of high school cheerleaders from oakland hope folks will help them raise money to compete for a national title. [cheering] >> the castle mont cheerleaders practiced just as they do every day. the squat qualified for the national finals last month. their trip to anaheim will cost them $5,000. they need to get the money together by february 1st in order to secure their spot in march. >>> a great day to get their practice in. no more drizzle. we do need the rain, leigh. >> we certainly do not going to see much in at least the next couple of weeks. so, until then, temperatures will be warming up, almost springlike, with a chance of record highs as we head into this upcoming work week. live doppler 7hd right now showing you clear sky out there. we'll take you in a little bit closer and really all the fog has moved on out. we're getting into a slight offshore wind component, and that's pushing the cloudiness and fog off the coast. check out the highs today. yesterday, we were in the 50s. we warmed up a few today. 59 san francisco, santa rosa, 63. 61, antio
. 33 low tonight in santa rosa. we'll be 10 degrees above average tomorrow. oakland 68 degrees. everybody else is in the mid- 60s. we're going to be call be for temperatures to climb this week into the upper 60s. mid-60s and the bay and low 60s around the coast. we'll cool it off a little this coming weekend but as we look ahead into the third week of january, nothing. >> dennis is joining us now. he's going to be happy to hear this story. san jose has been a hot spot for olympic skaters. another is headed to sochi. alana edmonds finished second last night at the championships. she's one of the 3 who made the cut. there was question last night whether she'd go or a 4th abled contender. >> she deserved to get there and she's in there. that story is getting press it deserves. the 49ers make it 3 in a r.we'll take you inside the locker room next. [woman] you wrapped the... [man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter] accelerate. shift. shift. ♪ and shift agai
. nice shot from our exploratorium cam, and you can see san francisco, 57. still 60 in oakland. los gatos, 56. another nice shot over the bay. napa, 59, 59 in concord. here's a look from the sutro tower cam, san francisco, and east bay right there. we'll keep it clear. high pressure will build in, a little offshore wind there. warming begins tomorrow, and get ready for record highs once again this upcoming week. overnight lows, the cool nest the north bay in the 30s with the light winds and also the clear sky there. elsewhere we'll look for temperatures in the mid-to-low 40s. water vapor, tells the story. we had this little impulse move through yesterday and now look at the amplitude already of this ridge of high pressure. building back in, and that's going to mean storm track once again lifting to the north. and the next five to ten-day outlook, really no rain for the bay area. as high pressure will stay with us and it's just going to keep the storm track well to the north. so the ridge returns, and it looks like we'll have some record highs this week. in fact here's a little built of wh
in three weeks. the nation is $3.34 a gallon. bay area $3.63 in oakland and san jose. $3.72 in san francisco. >>> the valley internation auto show a-- international auto show wrapped up today. features hundreds hundreds of cars are featured. >> i love looking at the cars. i want to look at bmws, all the cars that i can't have that i want to get in the future. >> more than 50 vehicles were available for a test drive. toyota also provided a simulator for teens that demonstrated the dangers of distracted driving. >>> a political jam. the continued fall out from the traffic nightmare orctrated by governor chris christie's office. >> the >>> investigators are digging into the new jersey bridge scandual one lawmakerdying sandal with one -- sandal with one law -- >> the chairman is doing digging as his team investigates governor chris christie's office and its involvement in the bridge lane closures. he claims the crime could have been committed. >> it is hard to believe the governor didn't have a conversation with someone about a big problem in fort lee. >> reporter: governor chris chr
are in oakland california. i was going to university in virgin. i went there for a year. i was studying fashion design. looked like i was going to finish fast. i was thinking maybe three years i'd graduate. i felt like i wanted to go somewhere where someone would notice me so i could get a job out of school. i told my mum two weeks before i left, "hey, i'm moving to san francisco to go to school." i went to classes and i remember the first class i went to they gave me a list of supplies this long and everything was 50 to 100, so i covered all my living expenses with loans. i was like, "i can pay for all this stuff and i'll get an awesome job and pay it back like that." i have five messages, you have loans past due. >> my mum took out the initial first loan. she was, like, "this is expensive, you have to take out the rest", that's when i was uh-oh. when i got the loan i thought i'd finish school. two years later, it started as a $25 loan. that was in august of 2006. i was going to sign up for the next semester, and i called them and said what is happening, i've taken out a loan before. i can't p
to three. speaking of numbers i really appreciate the fact that i am in san francisco and not in oakland and not even in my home town of berkeley california. san francisco really is the city that knows how to do things correctly where law enforcement is concerned, and i really needed to say that. i sat here and i listened or tried to because some people just didn't make any sense to me. there's only so much that the police can do. there's a lot that people need to do taking responsibility for the fact that they want to engage in criminal activity with impunity. they want to engage in stupid activity with impunity. i am on the mack community which the multi-model access advisory committee of mta, and mta had the keep your phone down and your eyes up campaign to get people who are riding on muni to pay attention to the fact that you're not in your own bubble. there's a real world out there and evil does exist and evil is out there and waiting for you to not be attentive. that's on you. you are to pay attention to what is going on. be it that you're going to cross the street and ho
with the north bay being most of the rain from oakland into san francisco just past the toll plaza on the approach to the bay bridge there were only a few sprinkles. the storm system brought a welcome sight in tahoe, snow. this is video of heavenly mountain yesterday afternoon, courtesy tahoe tv. it was only a few inches but it is the first measurable snow around tahoe since early september. so really what we've got in the bay area was really more than a spritzle, lisa. >> yeah. and we wouldn't talk about it if we weren't so desperate but this morning our concerns is fog in the livermore valley where visibility is an eighth of a mile. high surf and fire danger. that's where we are going for the week ahead. i'll have the details coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, a homecoming celebration for the music sensation called the justin beiber of korea. we have an exclusive interview with the homegrown pop star. and the new plan that could change the way you pay your electric bill. what state officials say they ñwe consider ourselveated secu, we consider ourselves business optimize
, lower 60s, 62 in oakland later on today and 61 in mountain view and into the workweek, a drying trend. 67 come wednesday and into bay area. >>> still ahead, a proposed oil facility draws protest in the bay area. why folks in one city are battling to prevent it from happening. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, spot for olympic figure ska. native of the city . >>> good morning, everybody. go ahead. cry one last time. candlestick park is officially closed. behind the defense, and marchant one lynch, the seahawks will host the nfc championships the first time since 2005. he goes for two touchdowns, 140 yards, the seahawks over the saints and running for six touchdowns and with four. andrew luck with a career and new england moves on the third straight afc title game. they beat the colts 23-32 and a sweep for them. the bears over oregon state 88- 83 and alex rodriguez had a suspension reduced from 211 games to 162 for the involvement with the biogenesis scandal. arod will miss the whole 2049 campaign. even if the yankees make the play-off. charra and the browns at the tank last night and scored by suederbe
have 46 in oakland. 47 in san francisco. and san jose 44 degrees. and here's what's going on for the rest of the day. partly cloudy start with some patchy fog. mostly sunny today. but a high surf advisory and a record warmth next week. >>> this year's mayoral race in san jose is shaping up to be a very expensive one. half the city council is running to replace outgoing mayor chuck reed who's in his last year of office because of term limits. now campaign fundraising already began in december and sam liccardo remitting downtown area of san jose has reported the most money so far raising more than $512,000. former councilman and current council supervisor dave cortese is second at $175,000 followed by mayor -- vice mayor madison nguyen and rose herrera. the other in the race chose not to begin their fundraising until after the holidays. >>> governor brown is avoiding any talk of new taxes in his latest budget. >> that's right. but the question is how long will the surplus last? and what about california's up and down finances? we put the question to our political insiders, f
visibility issues in some areas but elsewhere fine. 39 in oakland, 46 in san impose, 36 in concord, 40 in livermore and upper 30s in santa rosa. we are expecting lots of sunshine today. slightly warmer. we will break down the temperatures coming up in my full forecast. >>> and we begin this hour with breaking news from san jose this morning. investigators believe the serial arsonist has struck again. fire crews are investigating two suspicious fires downtown in the san jose area, the first on south 24th street that. fire broke out about 2:00 this morning. the second fire is located at south 26th street and east san antonio avenue. fire crews have got both blazed under control, one believed to have started from behind a church. more updates shortly. these two fires are the latest in strings of fires intentionally sunset san jose over the past few days. investigators concerned about the safety of residents and firefighters. authorities believe the person responsible is familiar with the neighborhood. the last fire happened on east st. johns street and 17th saturday morning and with t
there, lots of low 60s for santa rosa, oakland at berkeley, san jose forecast high 61, san mateo 60 degrees and a look ahead, your five-day forecast, we are looking for the rain clouds, no rain clouds, in fact the complete opposite. temperatures warming back up by tuesday and wednesday, talking about some low 70s. >> thanks, mark. >>> san francisco voters may get to decide whether a new arena for the warriors can be built on the city's waterfront. according to the san francisco chronicle, people against the plan have been gathering signatures for about -- for a ballot measure that could block development. it would require voters to approve any waterfront development that exceeds height limits. the measure could affect three major projects including the warriors' proposed arena and plans to develop a site owned by the giants. >>> your time now 7:12 and reaching out to customers, what neiman-marcus is now doing to their customers that could be affected by a security breach. >>> and san francisco landed at the top of one list. why a parenting website says the city by the bay is the bes
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